Image by Tim Mossholder

Meet Seraphim

Seraphim is a truly transformational, fully patented Human-Like Robotic System (“HLRS”) technology that utilizes accelerated and highly advanced learning techniques, as well as stunning humanoid physical capabilities, to provide readiness, response, and recovery for any public health emergency, natural disaster, security, or other first-responder requirements.  Further, this technological breakthrough has wide applicability to virtually every commercial market and is a significant quantum movement towards the creation of a Universal Robotics Platform (“URP”).



Autonomous Driving (“AD”), code named VISAD™, “Visually Integrated System for Autonomous Driving”) centers around the seamless and continuous integration of AD sensory data with full-scale GPS navigation elements, both of which are reflected in a real-time, driver’s perspective Augmented Reality (“AR”) display.


Sensory data from the AD vision sensor cameras (Infrared, Thermal, and RGB) are overlayed onto the AR or Heads Up display on all sides of the driver.  When GPS navigation is active, the display is also overlayed with navigation elements to eliminate the need for the driver to look at another screen to navigate towards the destination, as separate screens for GPS driving navigation can create confusion and disorientation that adversely impact driver attention and focus.


FarCorp Holds the exclusive, unlimited, and in perpetuity right for the use and licensing of Favis, Inc. United States Patent (US9962831B2) Delineates a revolutionary technology for building, training, programming, and deploying intelligent, autonomous, fully humanoid robots