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FARCorp’s unique approach to Autonomous Driving (“AD”), code named VISAD™, “Visually Integrated System for Autonomous Driving”) centers around the seamless and continuous integration of AD sensory data with full-scale GPS navigation elements, both of which are reflected in a real-time, driver’s perspective Augmented Reality (“AR”) display.  Sensory data from the AD vision sensor cameras (Infrared, Thermal, and RGB) are overlayed onto the AR or Heads Up display on all sides of the driver.  When GPS navigation is active, the display is also overlayed with navigation elements to eliminate the need for the driver to look at another screen to navigate towards the destination, as separate screens for GPS driving navigation can create confusion and disorientation that adversely impact driver attention and focus.

This innovative combined approach of AD sensory data + AR + GPS into one highly integrated system is the optimal course for hardware planning and driver safety, as the driver will be able to see clearly in the dark, as well as during difficult road conditions like snow, rain, and white out.  Note that the concept is not just applicable to autonomous driving.  Marine, aviation, and defense are also market segments in which the VISAD™ technology can easily and effectually be applied.  Military personnel, for example, could literally drive their vehicles during the dead of night – without a requirement for moonlight, headlights, or night vision goggles – and see with day-time clarity.

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